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MANILA JULY 4 – Mama Lou's Hospitality Group is excited to announce a special promotion aimed at supporting local farmers while delighting customers with a new culinary creation.

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Harold Lu and Chef Waya initiated the introduction to local farmers experiencing an overharvest of cherry tomatoes and have been spearheading this support effort. Through their initiative, Mama Lou's recently acquired one-ton of fresh, sweet, and flavorful cherry tomatoes from groups of local farmers in the Cordillera region. To ensure these tomatoes are put to good use, Mama Lou's culinary team has crafted a delectable cherry tomato confit.

Starting July 5, 2024, customers can enjoy a BUY ONE GET ONE offer on the newly introduced Cherry Tomato Margherita Pasta. This dish features roasted cherry tomato confit, garlic, basil, and a hint of chili, offering a unique and delicious dining experience. For just 550 PHP, diners can savor two orders of this special pasta dish.

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"We're thrilled to support other local farmers by incorporating these cherry tomatoes into our menu," said David Sison, President and CEO of Mama Lou's. "This initiative not only helps reduce food waste but also allows us to provide our customers with a fresh, flavorful, and affordable meal option. Every order makes a difference in supporting our hardworking farmers."

The Cherry Tomato Margherita Pasta promotion is available at all Mama Lou's restaurant locations starting today. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of this limited-time offer and join in the effort to support local agriculture.

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In addition to the pasta promotion, Mama Lou's will also sell the tomato confit in bottles at all branches, providing customers with the opportunity to enjoy the confit at home. This initiative reflects our commitment to sustainable practices and community support, ensuring that local farmers benefit directly from our purchases.

We have pledged to buy 1 ton of cherry tomatoes per week, amounting to 4 tons per month, starting next week. This long-term commitment not only enriches our menu with locally sourced ingredients but also supports the welfare of the farmers who supply us.

For more information about the promotion or to find a Mama Lou's location near you, visit their official social media account.

About Mama Lou's Hospitality Group

Mama Lou's Hospitality Group is a renowned name in the culinary industry, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and community support. With a wide range of restaurants offering diverse and delicious menu options, Mama Lou's continues to create meaningful connections beyond every meal. The company is behind Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen, Mama Lou’s Premio Ristorante, Nonna’s Gourmet Italian, FAMU | Filipino Flavors, The Burger Club, and Persia Eats.

Published Date: July 5, 2024